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Best Rail App - Evolvi or Train Line?

We are implementing Concur Travel in the UK and Ireland.  We have some heavy UK rail users.  They are used to booking on their own using the rail apps and booking real time when they are headed to the station after a client meeting.  I am interested to understand which of the 2 solutions - Evolvi or Train Line you prefer and how you have this set up in Concur travel.  What are the limitations we need to understand and communicate to our travelers? 

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I have a similar question. We went live in UK last year with Evolvi, but had issues as this was a third party software that appears not to be compatible with Concur. We are using lodge cards (company paid) for these types of trips and it is handled by our TMC but it is really disjointed. We would like booking thru Concur Travel, using company card and then employees to obtain receipts feeding into Concur.


Looking forward to others joining in.