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About the Author
Brian Ribera, Founder and President of Military Mobility and Drive Growth is a Navy SEAL Officer, husband, father, and fiercely inspired teammate. Brian has served with distinction for the past twenty-two years and achieved immeasurable success; both on and off the battlefield. Brian has an MBA from the University of Virginia; The Darden School of Business, The Wharton School professional training, a background in corporate mentorship and diplomatic relations, and loves expeditions, guitar, photography, and sharing adventure with everyone.

A Call to Action this Veteran’s Day

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It’s a Brave New World. This kid (me) who achieved his childhood dream of becoming a Navy SEAL and fighting for his country would now be retiring from service with just more than twenty-two years. Like many of us veterans I asked myself “what’s next?”. What do you do after you’ve accomplished your dreams and reached the peak? Or have had things derailed for one reason or another? Have new dreams and find new peaks I surmised. It wasn’t that easy initially, first I had to remind myself I was getting out of the military for a reason; (for me) physical injuries and family strain became too great.


Next, I had to realize getting out of the service didn’t mean I had to give up on a life of service (get it?). You see, my entire adult life has been spent pursuing something greater than myself, and I wanted to keep that going. I needed to keep that going. That’s how I identify with myself; the sense of belonging, contribution, accomplishment. It all came from being a part of a team that was working towards a common goal and casting their own issues aside. So, while I finished my MBA from the University of Virginia, The Darden School of Business I created two organizations to keep this alive.


Military Mobility is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that specializes in off-road expeditions and resiliency training for veterans (and now civilian wheelers too!). Drive Growth is a corporate adventure retreat for small teams of elite executives. After all they face many of same challenges we do; managing culture, developing leaders, building teams, project management, working under extreme pressure, it’s all there.


Both programs use the rugged geographic landscape as a medium for the personal and professional challenges we face in life and a fleet of off-road vehicles to literally navigate and overcome those obstacles. This is NOT a regular trail ride because you do not lead a “regular” life. I’ve boiled down the greatest lessons from the extraordinary lifetimes of all our accomplished staff of Navy SEALs and Ship Captains, Air Force pilots, Green Berets, Marine Force Recon, intelligence operatives, and business professionals.


Journeys are epic. The allure of the unknown is irreplaceable. Modern day life is more demanding than ever. Human beings are creatures of habit and I’ve found to make real change you have to rip them out of that environment and instill new experiences that will have a lasting impact. Once at our austere base camp the team is inspirationally taught resiliency, grit, leadership, and team building techniques; then assigned roles and responsibilities, and provided real world opportunities to apply the principles into action. You will lead, manage, problem solve, and achieve mission success.


This amazing experience offers massive opportunities for positive transformational growth. Passing this knowledge on and sharing is what it’s all about. That and great food and comfortable surroundings. We’ve made base camp as lavish as possible, yes it’s full-on glamping; private accommodations, hot showers, delicious meals prepared by our on-staff chef, overall the program is a tough but tailored experience. Nightly “Fireside Chats” are sure to evoke inspiration, a sense of wonder, and the feeling that you are a part of something special. Being a part of a genuine experience is what many of us need to feel connected again.


So, let this Veteran’s Day be a Call to Action. Thank you for allowing me to share my Call to Action with you. Keep charging and re-define your purpose and the way ahead. We’d love to hear about it, and if you need a hand, come on out to base camp.