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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

The Travel Industry Summit is one day away -- what are you most excited about?

We're one day away from the SAP Concur Travel Industry Summit! Make sure to plan your day and get a sneak peek into the event, below. And let your network know you're coming on social -- get your "I'm Attending" badge! What session are you most looking forward to on tomorrow's agenda?


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Super User
Super User

dear @erinmolnar 


I am very looking forward to this event, hoping too is going to be the last I need to partecipate remotely. Face to face and meeting for real with other business peers, is much more efficient and easy to exchange ideas and learn how things are done in other companies... 


However for the time being we have to adapt to what still possible and I am very interested to a few topics:


  • Inside the Minds of Travel Experts: The Future of Corporate Travel
  • The Impact of New Technology on Travel
  • The Government's Role in the Future of Travel
  • The Impact of Infectious Disease on Travel
  • The Evolution of Duty of Care: How to Manage and Anticipate Risks

I didn't see on the list of the discussion the new rules coming actual in Europe and US about "Covid Vaccine Passport" or similar that would make easier way to travel without the obligation of quarantine. Probably still in process to be cleared but shouldn't be in the hands of individual Governments but a Global free access with the same protocols of safety.

In all, thank you for still organize those events which keep us all updated on those topics.



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari

@Munari_alEXPert we're looking forward to seeing you! The Impact of New Technology on Travel session will talk a bit about digital wallets.