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Pay for my miles

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a new employee to the CVS Pharmacy in Manlius, NY. I started June 8th, 2023 and the following week after my orientation I started my training 5 mins up the road from where I live. Then I was asked to drive to the CVS Pharmacy within Target in Cicero, NY. I had no problem doing so. I was told I would get paid for my mileages and gas. But it was until 2 weeks ago that I had to submit my miles on a concur app. Which I had no clue how to do. And after asking several times for help from my pharmacy manager who said she was too busy, my store manager nicely sent me simple instructions on what to do. So I finally got my miles and gas on the concur app but I'm not sure if I filled out the reports correctly. Now it's July 23, 2023 and I still have NOT been paid for my miles or gas and I was only out n Cicero, NY from June 16, 2023 through June 28, 2023. So I was wondering when should I get paid for my miles and gas????? And why is it taking so long? Should I call the people that work for concur cuz this is really upsetting me. Along with me not getting paid like everyone else on a Friday I've had to get 2 off cycle checks cuz someone never submitted my I9 form correctly on June 8, 2023 so my I9 form didn't go through until the first week of July. And my checks were shorted. I am far from happy. I've worked in Pharmacy as a LPT for over 15 yrs and a couple people that were hired after me are now ahead of me cuz none of this BS happened to them. Someone Please help me and tell me what to do to get my pay for my miles and gas please??? I'm seriously going nuts and I'm EXTREMELY close to involving a certain Dept cuz not getting paid is illegal and I know who handled my I9 form and on June 8 my orientation I handed her my 2 forms of ID cuz in the link in my email it was stated that the 2nd half of the I9 form must be completed by a manager and 2 forms of ID was required but my ID was never copied. I think what I've been going through is unprofessional and I want to be compensated for the hours I lost cuz of this. Please help me I am so lost. Thank you

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Hello Lisa,  for the mileage and Gas, what is the status of the expense claim/report in Concur?  So log into Concur, either desktop or app,  and click on expense,  inthe expense claim for the gas and mileage, what is the status?  YOu can check this by clicking on the claim details ==> audit trail.  If the status is anything other than paid or sent for payment it is still in Concur.  So possibly pending approval or pending audit, depending on the set up of Concur in the company.  Does payment get made through Concur or through the ERP of the pharmacy, so does this entry flow into your accounting system and then paid from there?  Sounds like you need to have a conversation with your HR/payroll people, but not sure Concur could assist with that?  Good luck

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Hi Lisa, you should also check your travel policy, normally if you are getting paid mileage, you shouldn't be claiming your gas too because mileage reimbursement includes gas. I know this is how it is at my company.