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Duty of care and traveler safety

Hi I am Remi from Hotailors. I wanted to see what are your thoughts and expectations when it comes to traveler safety from the Travel Manager standpoint?


At Hotailors we have worked hard past few last months to introduce some solutions that help organizations extend duty of care to their extended workforce and are eager to learn what are your thoughts, no matter if you think about employee or non-employee travel!


BTW. We are featured in the Emerging Technology Lounge so feel free to visit us and chat live 🙂

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Hi Remi -

Would like to hear what Hotailors is doing in this space in regards to duty of care -  



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Sure Kevin!


First of all we work with the freelance part of your workforce, which usually books by themselves, and they are not tracked by the companies in most of the cases in any way - financial, policy-wise, or safety-wise.


I would mention 3 major solutions that improve extended workforce safety with our solution:

1) Freelance travelers get access to 24/7 dedicated customer care (chat, email and phone)

2) Travel manager has an overview of all travelers locations

3) We provide destination-related COVID stats


Above that right now we are working on implementing an emergency communication feature for Travel Managers to be able to reach out to travelers who are localized in danger zones.




I forgot to mention that you can play with travel policy settings on your side as well.

For example, you can set a minimum star-rating next to restricting the most expensive ones.

Same goes for travel classes.

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Thanks Remi - 

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