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Explore Available Intelligence (Cognos 11) Training Sessions

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Looking to take your reporting game to the next level? 


Join our experts to uncover the basics of Intelligence (Cognos 11) reporting and beyond to get the most out of your organizations data. Upcoming and on-demand sessions can be found here, and training descriptions are available below to help determine the best option for you!


Note: Please confirm you have completed the pre-requisite training and meet all session requirements prior to registration.


Query Studio Training

This two-hour session is all about the Query Studio, walking through how to build a few basic reports while highlighting most available features along the way*. It kicks off with an hour of instructor-led training, followed by an additional hour blocked for you to digest the information shared and review learnings. 


You'll walk away with the ability to:

  • Navigate the Cognos home screen and launch Query Studio
  • Find data within the Concur Data Warehouse
  • Edit, format, and run reports
  • Filter, prompt, group and create calculations
  • Create a list report, a group list report, cross tab report and a chart report

*Requires Cognos Business Author or Cognos Professional Author permissions and Firefox browser to participate. Some basic knowledge of Cognos 11 Query Studio is helpful.


Report Training

This two-hour session is focused on the Report tool covering how to build a report from scratch, and the basic to semi-advanced skills needed to do so*. It kicks off with instructor-led training, followed by additional time blocked for you to digest the information shared and review learnings.


You'll walk away with a complete report and the ability to:

  • Navigate the Report tool
  • Find data within the Concur Data Warehouse
  • Create queries, filters, calculations, and prompts
  • Join two data tables
  • Union two data tables
  • Formatting a report page
  • Build a cross tab and chart report
  • Schedule reports

*Requires Cognos Professional Author permission to participate. Some basic knowledge of Intelligence (Cognos 11) is helpful.


Register today to maximize the value of your data through reporting! We hope to see you there.

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