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VAT Recovery Audit - company recommendations?



My company is exploring a VAT recovery audit. We would partner with a company from the Concur app center.  Can anyone share their experience with any of the VAT vendors that partner with Concur? Trying to narrow down the options before reaching out to companies.

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We recently went through this exercise. We met with Taxback International (TBI) and VAT IT/Meridian. Both companies offer the same services, what came down to the vendor we choose was the global footprint. We are in 69 countries and wanted to be able to use to service for as many countries as possible.


There are other Concur partners, but this is who we looked into. 


I hope this helps.



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Thanks Lisa! From what I've read it seems like most companies have similar processes so trying to find some differentiation. This helps!

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Dear Lisa,


I have been trying to understand if is REALLY worth to implement into concur VAT recovery for expenses, as theoritically is possible to recover a lot, but once it come to reality is completely a different story.

I wonder, since the size of your company, if you are seen major VAT recovery since the implementation.


it would be nice to share.


Thank you


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
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We partner with VATBox.  It's a different team within our organization that works with them directly, but I'm told they've been quite happy with their service & support both for integrations (initial & additions) and ongoing serivce. 

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Dear @nategar11 

I found by coincidence your question related to VAT recovery services. If you are looking for something innovative, I recognize that I am doing some self promotion 🙂 but our global solution could be a perfect fit to your organization. I would be happy to explain the differences with the other players if you like.

In addition to VAT recovery, I recommend to explore Direct Billing. This maximise the number of comliant invoices your employees will collect and increase the potential volumes of VAT recovered. Happy to give you some tips on that one if needed.

Do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards. Damien.