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Seat tracker function in TripitPRO.

I love the Seat Tracker function in TripitPRO, particularly if your on a flight that you don't have a loyalty program with.  You know, the one you generally get allotted 28F with the bulk head pushing into you and the overhead lockers also bearing down on you.  

When I fly some airlines where I can choose my seat at the time of booking, I still use Seat Tracker but find it sends me notifications for seats that are not better than my original allocation.  ie original allotment is 7A and Seat Tracker sends me a notification that 19 A B and C have opened up.  I was under the impression that its logic was designed to get you further up towards the front of the bus, or am I mistaken with what it is capable of?


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Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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This is how I understood it works as well. I have not had any complaints about this from users, but I am interested in the response you receive about this.

Travel and Expense System Administrator