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Concur Mobile has locked my Samsung Tablet

Recently I downloaded the Concur Mobile app to my Samsung Note A tablet (android). I signed in right after the d/l and looked at my Concur account. Then I let my tablet go to "sleep". After that, when I wanted to open my tablet, I am asked for a PIN. I have no idea what PIN to use. I tried my usual tablet security pin, no joy there.  A few other PINS I could think of, no dice. On this website, I found the Concur Profile > Profile Settings > Forgot Concur Mobile PIN. I entered a new PIN at least 4 digits long, to no avail.


My supervisor has no idea what to do, even though I pointed out it seems my company manages Concur on their own.


My tablet has been locked out for a week now. So the bottom line question: How do I find/obtain a PIN to unlock my tablet?