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Re: Concur Certification - Have you done it?

Hi All,

I am an ex-conucurian. I worked as the CTE consultant in Concur till Feb'18. I have completed my training and i am certified in concur while i was working. Does this certification is valid throught out. Will the certification will be valid as a Global SAP-Concur certified?

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Re: Concur Certification - Have you done it?

I recently completed the Concur Professional certificate so sharing my experience; hope it helps this community.


I have worked for SAP Concur for more than 4 years as Implementation Manager and was part of many rollouts so familiarity with the overall subject was helpful. I will still not say it was easy as some questions were tricky even to confuse an experienced person.  I have spent roughly 2 months; 1 hour each day on average to read end-user and configuration guide available on


For a non-consultant, It may require little more effort. Guides available on the certification page are very useful as these cover most of the topics and questions asked. Some hands-on experience to the configuration; maybe just a Test system that will be added support as this will help to visualize questions and you can easily recall options available on any particular screen.


If needs additional information, feel free to write to me @



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I'm going to Fusion

Re: Concur Certification - Have you done it?

Hi Shibukurian,


I am both a Concur Implementation Partner (CIP) and Concur Consulting Partner (CCP) and congratulate you for passing, especially with your self-study method.  That is an amazing task!   You're right on with your description of the difficulty that stretches even the experienced user and hands-on experience to configuration.


For the CIP exam, I was "lucky" as I was able to take the 9 day CIP training course for CIP.  Before taking the training, all I knew about Concur was that we used it at my company!  I say lucky because I was able to walk through 5 implementations, starting from a very simple 1 company to 4 Countries with an ever-expanding set of complexity.


Your study time was just about the same as the 9-day class which totaled 73 total hours.  Note you do get CPE credit for the class, so contributed to my total 3-year requirement for my CPA requirements!


I personally liked the full-immersion, but that is not for everyone (also my company paid for it)!  Either way, study and hands-on are keys to passing.  Either way, it is a wonderful certification to have. 


Since Certification, I have had 1 full implementation, 1 CCP and 1 Standard to Professional Conversion.


I wish you luck with your ongoing Implementations!


Let's keep in touch!












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Re: Concur Certification - Have you done it?