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ExpsenseIt Makes Expensing Easier Than Ever Before!

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Having ExpenseIt on your iPhone makes expensing as simple as snapping a picture; not as cute as your dog, but just as easy! When you're using ExpenseIt, it's as simple as taking a picture of the receipt you're expensing. ExpenseIt uses character recognition to identify the amount and expense category so it's uploaded to the correct expense. It doesn't matter if it's one receipt or ten, you can do them in bulk for easy processing. Doesn't get much easier than that!



  • If the Expense Assistant feature is enabled for your company and the user level, all ExpenseIt entries will be moved to an expense report automatically. 
  • An ExpenseIt entry and a corresponding credit card transaction in an expense report can be matched by clicking on the Combine button. ExpenseIt entries that have not been added to an expense report will be matched automatically to the corresponding company card transaction. Keep in mind that ExpenseIt entries are created within 1-2 minutes of receipt capture, while company card transactions take 3-5 business days on average to appear in SAP Concur.
  • ExpenseIt is a paid add-on feature and might not be available to you.


Occasional Member - Level 1

If the system doesn't match it up, where does the image go? Receipt purgatory?

Occasional Member - Level 2


Hi Lara,


Items automatically created by the ExpenseIt feature appear under the Available Expenses section.

These items can be defaulted to payment types such as Out of Pocket or Pending Card Transaction (best option to prevent risk of Out of Pocket claims for Corporate CC charges - can be modified by user if needed).


If they are unmatched by the Smart Match function after the corresponding Corporate CC charge gets imported into the user's profile, they remain in the Available Expenses section.


Lack of matching usually happens due to:

  • Amount mismatch
    >user does not correct the amount when prompted at image capture
  • Currency mismatch
    >user does not correct the amount when prompted at image capture (due to bad image quality)
    >OCR system does not correctly recognize the shown currency symbol/code
    >no currency shown on document and system defaults to user's default profile currency
  • Date mismatch
    >OCR does not correctly recognize the date (due to bad image quality)


Hope this helps!