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Top 5 Configuration Tips for Concur Travel Standard in 15 Minutes

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Right now, you face a seemingly endless stream of tasks trying to stay on top of itineraries, expenses, rules, and regulations. And that doesn’t include the time it takes to manage the solutions designed to help you manage travel. Thousands of conversations with customers have helped us to identity five key tips that you can leverage today. Join us for this quick session to learn more.


Access the on-demand session HERE. 


Want to continue learning? Check out these three key points of discussion we recommend bringing up to your TMC to ensure you're getting the most out of your Concur Travel solution. Find out how you can reshape and refine your program to be more flexible and effective in a shifting travel market:


1. Policy Check-Up
If you’re like most organizations, you’ve got two travel policies: One for everyday travelers that comes with a standard set of restrictions, and one for executives and VIP travelers with fewer (or no) restrictions. Talk to your TMC about how you’re managing travel within each of those policy types. Their input could make a significant impact on how you use your Concur Travel solution. 


2. Negotiated Rates and Corporate Discounts
Getting the lowest possible fares from your air, car, lodging and other suppliers is worth the effort, but those rates must show up in your booking tool. Your TMC can help by ensuring contracts, rates, and the lowest fares are accurately entered into your system – but it’s up to you to make it happen. Call your TMC and make sure they’ve got all your discounts and other negotiated savings loaded correctly.


3. Capturing the Right Data for the Clearest Reports
Reporting is the key to winning, because it not only highlights your success, it shows where you can improve. And the only way to get the analysis you need is to capture the right information, right from the start. But knowing what data to capture where is easier said than done...

  • Some can be captured in each traveler’s itinerary, so it only has to be entered once.
  • Some must be captured with each individual trip.
  • And some is best captured in Concur Expense.

As always, talk to your TMC to determine what you’d like to see in your reports and how you’d like to see it:

  • What air, car, hotel, or rail data do you want beyond what’s in the itinerary?
  • Do you need to sort by billable or non-billable, client visit, internal meeting, purpose of travel, etc.?
  • What information can be captured once – in a traveler profile – and what needs to be captured for each trip?

You can also determine what you’re currently gathering in Concur Expense and whether or not that covers your needs.

About This Author
As a member of the Global Customer Lifecycle Marketing Team, Naomi is dedicated to creating programs and resources that help to support customers at each stage of their journey. She is focused on providing consistent value and tangible takeaways that customers can leverage to truly help them in their work. While Naomi is a new employee at SAP Concur (as of March 2020), she has been a passionate customer advocate throughout her 20-year marketing career.