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(Standard Edition) How to Enable the SAP Fiori with Horizon Visual Theme on the Web

SAP Concur administrators can now enable the new visual theme on the web for your organization.   


To enable the theme for SAP Concur solutions on the web (standard edition), follow the steps below. For professional edition, click here.


1. Navigate to Administration, click Company, and then click Tools. Under Tools, click Appearance Admin 


2. There are three Theme Settings options. To enable the new visual theme, Administrators must select an option that includes Fiori Horizon:  


a. Legacy Concur UI. Users only see the Concur Gateway theme. This is the default theme.  


b. Legacy Concur UI and Fiori Horizon. Users can choose between Concur Gateway, Morning Horizon, Evening Horizon, and high-contrast themes. Concur Gateway will remain the default theme.  

Important note: if you select this theme setting (Legacy Concur UI and Fiori Horizon), you cannot revert to the option Legacy Concur UI 


 c. Fiori Horizon. Users can choose between Morning Horizon, Evening Horizon, and high-contrast themes. When this option is selected, Morning Horizon will automatically become the default for users. 

 Important note: if you select this theme setting (Fiori Horizon),  you cannot revert to any other theme settings. 


3. Select the desired Theme Setting and click Save 


4. Now that you’ve enabled a theme setting, users can select their theme setting.  


How do users change their theme settings?   


To change your theme setting on the web, follow these four steps:  


1. After signing into Concur Solutions, go to Profile Settings 


2. Under Profile Options, click System Settings.


3. If your organization has enabled the SAP Fiori with Horizon visual theme family, you will see a section labeled Appearance Settings.   


4. Using the drop-down, select your preferred theme and click Save.

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