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Easy-to-Follow Educational Resources to Help you Get the Most out of Your SAP Concur Investment

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Your business is moving forward without looking back. But to keep moving ahead, we need to continually refine and redefine travel and expense programs to make sure you’re making the most of your solution.


That’s why we’re presenting all the insights you’ll need in short-form educational resources - because we know how hard it is to find spare time in your day. This content is focused on the timely topics we’re seeing in the market and hearing about from customers. It’s information designed to help you get more value out of your SAP Concur investment. It’s fresh. It’s fast. And it’s tailored to what’s happening today, so it’s important to keep checking in for the latest ideas and insight.


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SAP Concur is a leading cloud-based provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Our easy-to-use, web-based and mobile solutions adapt to each employee’s preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies large and small. No matter what size the organization, we help control costs and save time. As part of the larger SAP family, and through our experience, expertise, and partnerships, our solutions help every business run its very best.