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About the Author
Shannon Thacker is a client marketing manager within SAP Concur’s U.S. SMB organization, who has been with the company since 2017. In this multi-faceted role, she acts as the conduit between the client success team and marketing, managing projects and ensuring that customers have access to training materials and helpful resources to ensure they are set up for success. She is also responsible for cultivating customer stories, as well as managing numerous client training programs and engagement campaigns throughout the year. Her passion is using her communications skills to ensure that every customer feels connected to the company and gets the most out of their SAP Concur solutions.

See What the SAP Concur App Center Can Do for Your Business

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee
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Every year, T&E admins face down new business challenges—from managing tightened budgets to staying on top of international tax laws to adjusting to the aftershocks of a global pandemic—and everything in between. By fully utilizing our SAP Concur App Center with your SAP Concur expense and invoice solutions, you can take on those new challenges with ease—and get more value from your technology investment.


If you’re not familiar, the SAP Concur App Center features more than 250 free and fee-based partner companies with pre-built integrations and connections to Concur Expense and Concur Invoice. Instead of  having to install components to make the systems “talk” to each other, we’ve opened the door between the systems, so the data that needs to be shared can flow securely and automatically from one solution to the other.


This capability opens up a world of possibilities for optimization and efficiency, and enables you to do more with your SAP Concur data.


Now, we’ve made it easier for you learn how the SAP Concur App Center, in conjunction with your existing solution, can help you solve some of your most pressing business challenges. Although you can still go directly to the SAP Concur App Center and peruse the choices, we’ve created three sites—each focusing on a different business challenge—explaining how specific partner apps can help you meet that challenge, how to get set up, and providing some additional resources to get you started.   


These three sites are:  


  • Configurations and Integrations—Learn how specific connectors, like Sapphire and AppConnect ERP,  can quickly integrate Concur Invoice and Concur Expense with your ERP, and your payment providers—including bank and Fintech partners. In addition, you’ll find about other enterprise App Center partners that can streamline billing and manage employee SaaS purchases and use. Find out more here.


  • Return to Travel—Find out how SAP Concur App Center partners like Deloitte-Travel Ready and RocketTrip can help you navigate the new world of travel, from staying on top of protocol requirements, taxes and immigration rules in different locations, to incentivizing employees to choose lower-cost flights and hotels, to ensuring traveler safety. The site includes information on a number of duty of care partners and what they offer. Start exploring here.


  • Enhancing the Employee Experience—From linking your travelers' frequent flier and reward program accounts to Concur Travel, to enabling receipts from ride-sharing apps like Lyft Business and Uber for Business to flow directly into your traveler’s expense reports, the SAP Concur App Center is your fast track to user convenience and satisfaction.  There are options to save your employees time, reduce administrative work and even help them support your company sustainability efforts.  Learn all about the possibilities here.


Any partner in the SAP Concur App Center that has a “Connect” button can be linked directly by your end users, and are often free, if your users have an account with those partners. The apps listed “Apps for My Company” have an “Inquire” button, and can be deployed with the help of your SAP Concur Client Success Team and that partner.


Please check out our newly created sites, then start getting even more value from your SAP Concur solutions with the SAP Concur App Center. If you have questions, or need a little consultation, please contact your Client Success Team, who is always ready to help.