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Workday Concur Integration via Workato

Hi all, 


My colleague is currently working on Workday to Concur integration via Workato as the bridge. 


Problem Statement



Employee: Person A

Manager: Person B

Department Head: Person C 


Hence, Person B is the Expense Approver for Person A.

However, on end Jan 2023, person B left his/her role. 


Subsequently, person D took over person B's role. 


So now, person D is the new expense approver for person A. 


This update was done in Concur via workato integration using SAP API input, without any error. However, on Concur end, the expense approver is still reflecting as person B, which is already inactive, hence causing the expense approval request to be bounced back to person A. 


We are still unable to find out why.

However, at the end of Jan, person B left the role.  


If anyone is able to help, please kindly help. Thank you

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee


Is this an active implementation of Workday to Concur or are you already live?  If you are in an active implementation,  work with your Concur project team who should be able to escalate the issue to technical resource on the project to troubleshoot.  If you are live please have your Authorized Support Contact create a case to Concur so they can have the correct team address the issue.


Hope this helps!