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Why my question is deleted? Please Live my post!

Hello Everyone,


I recently posted a query related to an issue I'm encountering in my project, but I noticed that my question has disappeared from the community feed. I'm sure I adhered to all community guidelines when posting my question, and I'm genuinely seeking help from this knowledgeable community. The answer to this query is crucial for completing a live project I'm currently working on.I believe I followed community guidelines. Can I please know the reason for its deletion? It's crucial for my ongoing project.

Here is the link of my question -


Thank you!

Prisha singh
Community Manager
Community Manager

@prishasingh500 hello there. I can tell you why. Your post contains a hyperlink that triggers your post as Spam. We do not allow hyperlinks to be posted that are not related to SAP Concur. Try your post again without any hyperlinks and I think you'll find your post won't get deleted. See screenshot of your post.




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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