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Occasional Member - Level 1

Why .. I can not edit the city ..... when i try to do with severals expenses.

I try to edit several expenses.

but i can not edit the city over there.

I almost every time, when I travel, i create a expense for that.

it is very awful to have to change the city one by one.

Will be very helpful if i can do all at once.


Routine Member - Level 1

@ghabazan Only some fields can be modified using the Edit Multiple Fields tool. The fields that can be modified are Expense TypeBusiness PurposeReceipt StatusPersonal ExpenseComment and custom Cost Tracking Fields

By design the City and Payment Type fields are not currently available in the Edit Multiple Fields pop up.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Ok.... I understand that.... thanks for your response

I believe will be great to put city, also over there....

because if i go to some site and make 100 expenses, i have to go , one by one changing the city....

it is only a comment. maybe someone can improve this.