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User Admin Needs HELP Getting Associates Logged Back Onto the Mobile App

I find this site to be too clunky.... I can't figure out how to post a question. I also went through the steps to join the User Admin group. After verifying my email address it is telling me I need to register, but when I hit register it says I already did... I spend too much time looking for ways to get answers and never finding the way to ask the question.


As a company admin, I have received more inquiries in the last 2 months on people getting logged off of the mobile app and not being able to get back in. This maybe connected to Concur's preparation to launch the multi-factor logon. Regardless it is causing a lot of headaches. I have showed people how to shut down the app, unistall, etc to refresh the app and they continue to have issues for days logging onto the app. Yes, they do multiple PIN resets etc. Then out of the blue the app lets them back in. It is to the point that I cringe everytime they mention mobile app. This is extremely frustrating to the end user and it honestly makes the Company Admins look stupid, like we don't know what we are doing!!! I have worked for 20 years at 3 different companies administering and rolling out Concur. How do we continue to support the system if you don't provide information and support for us?!? I honestly preferred the Linked in group to this clunky site... but can't find anywhere else to get answers.