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Update contents that come from -



Recently one of our executives received an email from "" and he was not a fan of the contents of the email. Is there anyway to update the language or is that locked in by Concur?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@Reece_T Do you have more details on the email itself?  Within the site Email Reminders are customizable via Admin --> Expense --> Email Reminders.   There are also workflow notifications via Admin --> Expense --> Workflow --> Email Notifications.  Once the Email Notifications are edited, they have to be assigned to the workflow which may be done via a support case.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Reece_T out of curiosity, what wasn't he a fan of in the contents?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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We learned today, the functionality in Cognos 10 that enabled clients to choose the email sender (we used our internal functional mailbox) was disabled with the move to Cognos 11.  We ONLY discovered this recently when we realized our bursting communications are reflecting from "".  This is HUGELY problematic for us!  We heavily use bursting to manage our entire travel program on a global basis.  Our associates hit 'reply' and know the emails will be delivered to the internal functional mailbox and answered.  Without the ability for clients to select the email sender we have NO way to route the responses to our internal mailbox.  We NEED a viable solution from Concur!!!!  This is beyond frustrating......  How many emails have we missed now?  We have had to stop our bursting communications until we have figure out a solution.