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Okta-Concur SSO Issues for TMC???

Hi!  We switched to Okta as our SSO provider for all of our company accounts, like Concur, GrubHub, Zoom, etc.  While this seems to work seamlessly for the staff (and they love not having all of those additional passwords!), we have come across a major issue for our TMC.  They are having issues with Okta and being able to access Concur.  Specifically, there is an issue having the Okta app on their phones and giving this access to multiple agents.  They rotate agents so it's not feasible to have just a set number of agents with access to Okta.  Concur Support told us that since we have the Concur SAML2 environment that there is no way to bypass Okta log-in.  Does anyone else have this issue specifically with their TMC?  Any suggestions on fixing this?  I'm driving my wonderful TMC nuts and I wish there was something to do to make logging in easier and not such a hassle.  Thank you!