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New Member - Level 2

No notification emails for Request Status changes



I have checked that I would like to receive email when the status of a request changes and when a request is submitted for approval under Request Preferences in my profile.

I don't seem to receive any emails. The status of two requests changed multiple times a couple of days ago as per the Audit Trail, but I wasn't notified.

I have checked my spam folder, my email is correctly listed under Email Addresses, and the email is marked as "verified".


Thank you for your help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jausborn I think there is an issue with the notifications as you are the second person asking about this. However, sometimes a company has not added emails from concursolutions to the allowed sender list. You can try reaching out to your IT department and ask them if emails from concursolutions should be coming through. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 2

Thank you for your reply, the emails should be coming through according to IT. What else can I do to get this resolved?


Kind regards, Jessica