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New Member - Level 1

New button missing from homepage

When I log in to SAP Concur, the New + button is missing at top of page. Need this to submit a new request. Why is it missing? Have tried in MS Edge, Firefox and Chrome, missing in all browsers.


Looks like this when I log in:



Should look like this:



Super User
Super User

@tjacobsnxp - Based on the screenshots you shared, it appears you have lost your Expense access and only have Travel where previously it does not appear you had Travel. I would recommend reaching out to your company administrator or the team that supports your Concur access. Good luck!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tjacobsnxp in simply looking at the screenshots with no explanation I would say there are two different profiles. 🙂


Are you still experiencing the issue? As @leela2516 said, it appears your Expense access has been, as we call it, "sunsetted". My guess is either someone accidentally removed it or it was some sort of system glitch.


Let me know if you still don't have access.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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