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Mileage Tracking

Hello everyone!  


This is my first time posting!  I am wondering what companies/programs that you are using for mileage tracking? We have an allowance program and are looking at revamping it, right now we are using Enterprise Efleets but are looking to see what other options are out there.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Pro's and Con's?  


I appreciate any input you can give me. 


Thank you in advance!


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Dear Merry.


I have seen different approaches, but for me the best would be:


- Car lease (fleet) for people that need to use frequently a car to travel for their job; (If you standardise the car policy, providing a specific type of car based on the level of the employee (manager, director...)) It would assures that employees while performing their job are safe, that the fleet is periodically checked and it would represent your company at best otherwise (e.g. a representative going with their own private Porche, or with a broken/damage car, it could give a distort image of your company making loosing credibility or even the customer) 


- Monthly Car allowance to Managment as a form of benefit in kind who are not required to use a car for their daily job;


- Car Mileage reimbursed costs to the rest (people that rarely need to travel using their car for their daily job)


In many countries there are tax related matter based on those options, you might need to verify this with your tax department too and the specific country managers. 



Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
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Are you talking about sedans and not trucks? I am familiar with the eFleet car program from Enterprise. But that is only for the participants of the fleet program in your company. There are different fleet programs to fit almost anyone.  For example, some companies will give the employee the ability to choose the car make and model.  This might cut on the benefits of having a direct discount agreement with the car manufacturer. 


Other programs will have a "compromised" approach allowing the driver to choose the car make/model and contribute a percentage to the lease payment in return to use unlimited personal miles.


Leverage the different tools from the fleet program and promote adoption among the fleet drivers to get the most out of the program.


Are you tracking the mileage reimbursement for those outside the fleet program? If so, do you know the breakeven point process to identify those drivers of personal mileage and move them to a fleet car?


Concur has a mileage tracking, Concur Drive. Also partners like Motus, MileIQ.

A couple of years ago, I found the mobile app to be inconsistant when the driver was in slow moving traffic (I believe this has been fixed) and when the mobile phone looses reception when driving through remote areas.


Check with your Concur rep to find ou about Concur Drive and other mileage tracking partners.


I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen