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Lost connecion with SAP QA and Concur Test - Using SAE and STR

Hi everyone!


Is there anyone who has the procedure of How to connect Concur Test with SAP test? We lost the connection due to a Productive refresh. We are using SAE and STR so we are not able to connect through ICS.


We are using this URL:

But we are getting an 503 Service Unavailable message


Do u have any idea?



SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Please open a case and Concur can help.  Are you using the legacy authentication to connect (it uses a user id and password which probably got removed when you did the test site refresh) or are you using the new JWT gateway authentication (which should not have been impacted, but you never know).  


At the same time, you probably should update the Concur Host and Concur Gateway to the new AWS gateway.  Support should help with that