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Hello Everyone -   I am new to the community here, but have been a Concur Admin for about 10 years now (gove or take).      Actively use the solution suggestions, and the knowledge base.  But was directed to this community by Concur after I began to test drive the new UI recently.   I guess after my 4 submitted 'suggestion' after initially testing the new UI, they prefer that I connect with the group.

If I  can test the waters here in the community - I am currently the only one testing the new UI, we have just shy of 300 users.   What have been your experiences in the roll out to your users?    I am hoping to engage a test group in March, then do a slow roll out in the following months.

I also hope to pick your brains on Intelligence reporting, even after using the ever evolving reporting tool, I still have some questions after 10 years! 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to engaging in thoughtful inquiry and support!


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Hi Patti, and welcome to the community! Smiley Happy

We started rolling out the NextGen UI to some of our users last year. We now have about 15 users in the new UI group. The people we chose to be in this initial trial group were admins, a couple UX people and some sales people. We figured they are the people who use Concur the most and the UX people would give good useability feedback. Overall the response has been fairly positive. The new page for hotel itemization is a big win since it's more intuitive than the classic UI.

I created an internal help page for Concur and included a section about the NextGen UI, with full disclosure that it is in Beta mode. If anyone at our company is interested in trying it out, then they can request to have it enabled for their account. 

The one main feature we're waiting on before we roll out to a larger group is the functionality to edit multiple expense lines at one time. Hopefully that will be soon! 



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The NUI will have to improve and evolve a lot before we'd want to let our employees use it.

Aside from all the other issues - we can't add project codes.    We submitted a case in Sept and have not heard a peep on that getting fixed.

I've also noticed the majority of itemized hotels come across in the NUI in an error state.





Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense