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Functionality Question: Deduct for personal expenses?



Can Concur deduct from an employee's personal bank account in their Concur profile for personal expenses marked in their expense reports?


Concur is able to deposit into an employee's personal bank account for out of pocket expenses, but does Concur have the functionality to withdrawal? Looking for a way to simplify payments for personal expenses on Individual Bill, Corporate Pay. 



Thank you, 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Francesca SAP Concur does not withdrawal from users' bank accounts. The options are:

1. Set up your company card do have Offsets applied. What this does is if an employee marks a corporate card charge as personal AND has out of pocket expenses on their report, the system will deduct was is owed to the employee for the out of pocket expenses to then apply that towards paying off the card. 
2. I believe some companies deduct from the employees paycheck for card charges that are marked personal. I don't know exactly how they do the deduction, but that is an option.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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