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Concur in Germany


i was wandering if there are Concur users from Germany here to share experience?

I am especially interested in the topic "Bundesreisekostengesetz" as a travel policy basis.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards!

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Dear user,

I am not from Germany, however i did implemented the concur system in 5 different companies where Germany was impacted.


For reimbursement of Expenses in Germany there are some legal requirements where the company is requested to reimburse tax free amount for meals based on the hours/days a person is out of office/home, however if the company has only a few employees in Germany, they might prefer doing a manual job for calculating those amounts. Concur feature for travel allowance is greatly set up, but it has a cost for the company that would need to implement.


Are those information sufficient for your investigation?


Kind regards




Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager