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Concur Request - Not what was promised

I am extremely frustrated with Concur Request. It is not the product that was sold to us. We were told it integrates with Travel and Expense for a seamless end-to-end process. WRONG! From the beginning of implementation, we found it was more directly tied to Expense, Travel seems to have been an after-thought. We were advised the best practice is Approve then Book, this would prevent issues with ticketing deadlines. That is true. However, if you want to keep your travelers from booking prior to approval, creating a supremely frustrating loop, you will need to turn off Travel. If you turn off Travel, users cannot search flights or find pricing. The suggestion from Concur was to go outside of Travel (ie Google,, etc.) Really?

In addition is if the booking is done offline (booked by TMC) the user has no visibility of their Trip Library. They cannot view their itinerary or make simple changes. That is a major problem now that TMCs are short staffed.

There are so many pain points for users, implementation of this tool has made me the single most reviled person in my company.

I am posting here as a warning to others. This product is not what is promised. I have mentioned this to our Concur teams for almost three years and nothing is being done to make improvements. It is not on the Roadmap, EVER! Shame on me for thinking they would care to improve the user experience for a product we are paying for. In my experience, the only way to get anything done is to make noise. So here I am!

Please feel free to contact me if you are considering adding this to your suite of products. If your travelers don't mind extra work and enjoy unintuitive software, then this is the tool for you.

If you are successfully using this product, bundled or integrated with Travel, please contact me and tell me what I am doing wrong.

However, I don't think anyone out there that can offer advice. Concur can't even find one of their customers that has done it (successfully.)

To be clear, there are some fine individuals that have been trying to help, but the roadblock is always "Concur doesn't support this."

So my message is to you "Concur"... work with your customers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tedecesare11 hello there. I read your post. Sorry to hear your experience isn't a good one.

I am not a Travel Request expert, but I do know a little about it. So, my reply is based on what I know, but obviously I don't know how your Request module was configured/implemented.

What I have seen some of our customers do to ensure their employees get the pre-trip approval they need while not holding up the booking process is to configure Request so that when a user goes through the booking process, the system auto-creates a Travel Request based on the booking selections the user made. When they get to the end of the booking process, a Travel Request is auto-created and is populated with Air, Car and Hotel segments. The user reviews the request and then submits to their manager for approval. Once approved, the Trip will then send to the travel agency for confirmation and ticketing. This ensures the user gets their pre-trip approval done prior to their booking being sent to the travel agency. This obviously would not require you to turn off Concur Travel.

What is your current process in regards to the Travel Request? Do users create the request and submit, then do the booking once approved?

Does your company have a requirement that trips need approval from managers before being booked? Is that why you decided to go with Travel Request?

Lastly, could you clarify this statement for me, "In addition is if the booking is done offline (booked by TMC) the user has no visibility of their Trip Library." If you are using Concur Travel and a user calls the TMC to do a booking for some reason, that booking should show in the users Upcoming Trips. I'm not sure if your statement was in regards to if Concur Travel was turned off and they do the booking offline.

I'll await your reply.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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