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CONCUR - SAP ICS Cash advance Posting SGL indicator

Dear Community:

Our company have recently implemented CONCUR using the ICS for Financial Posting for one company code.

Now more wants to add to CONCUR ICS, but the new ones want to post the cash advance (Dr item) not at GL account level but at Vendor reconciliation account level + Special GL indicador. The desired cash advance posting is this: 

Dr. Employee Vendor + Special GL indicator = Cash advance account

Cr. Employee Vendor                                              = Regular payable account

Is this Dr. posting model supported by ICS cash advance FI integration into SAP? or the only way available for the Dr item is by a direct GL account?

Thanks guys.

Manu C.



Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Manu,


Did you received an answer for that by another way? I don't see here any answer for that. and I have same issue. Thanks, Christine