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New Member - Level 1

About V4 version API access for SAP Concur

Hi , 


we are unable acess v4 version API's getting 400 forbidden issue , 


"timestamp": "2020-12-23T11:00:04.762+0000",

"httpStatus": "400 - Bad Request",

"errorMessage": "Wrong UUID: Non-hex character at #0: 'W'",

"errorId": null,

"path": "/quickexpense/v4/users/"



Can anyone able to work V4 API's , we are getting above issue .please suggest me .


Thanks in Adavance 



Frequent Member - Level 1

Dear user,

I see no one as answered yet. I hope firstly that the problem doesn't persist anylonger otherwise, it seems specifically internal between your system and Concur.


Did you try to open a ticket within Concur if you are the person in charge to do so, or after trying the same operation again, re-take the screenshot so they can verify exactly what happen within the solutions.


Please confirm. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager