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Gender Option

Hi All,


Our HR team has added a third gender to our HR systems.  When a traveler selects the newly added identity, an Expense profile is created, however, the profile in travel comes back with an error.  I am assuming this is because the ticket must be issued with the birth gender.  Has this been address, or is there a plan to update the gender identity options on the travel side?

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Concur previously told us they won't implement this change until the travel booking systems require it. We also think it's an issue that needs to be addressed soon. 

I suggest you review and vote on solution suggestion SS-0000026280, "Gender Field." 

Concur Administrator
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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Thank you for the information!

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I will also go vote on that solution, thanks. Since many airlines (American snip below) are now allowing more choices, the same should be for the booking tool. 



Travel and Expense System Administrator
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This discussion is almost 2 years old. We can still only choose binary gender options in Concur. When will this be implemented? 

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Bumping this thread because now it actually has almost been 2 years. A company with a market cap of over 160 billion and can’t figure out how to include other, legally recognizable, gender options?? 

Now i’m forced to use a system where neither of the options are correct because neither option will match what is actually on my government ID.