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How can you maximize your SAP Concur Reporting platform?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee
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What is the purpose:

  • The reporting catalog for Analysis or Intelligence is a guide to know the list of pre-built reports that you can access to reveal and understand an employee’s spending habits and or uncover other business insights.

Who can use:

  • The reporting catalog is applicable to Analysis and Intelligence Reporting Environment
  • The Reporting tab appears for users who have been granted a Reporting role

Where and How do you run this report:

  • To access, log in to your Concur site    > Click Reporting   > Analysis.
    • Then, Launch   > Help – Report Catalog.




Top Analysis Reports:

  1. Expense Entry Analysis

Where to find it:  Expense Processing Folder


  1. Expense Accrual by Date Range

Where to find it:  Accrual Folder


  1. Top Exception Violators

Where to find it:  Compliance Folder


  1. Credit Card Transaction

Where to find it:  Finance Folder



Top Intelligence Reports:

  1. Hotel Exceeds Negotiated Rate

Where to find it:  Compliance Folder


  1. Department Manager Persona Dashboard

Where to find it:  Persona Dashboard Folder


  1. Workflow Cycle Times

Where to find it:  Expense Processing Folder


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