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Assigning a Corporate Credit Card Account to Users

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee
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Do you have a corporate credit card? or are you thinking of getting new cards for your employees? Then you might want to bookmark this post.


The concerns below would best be addressed by this post:

  • I have a few cards that are not assigned to users and I need to know how to assign them.
  • When the bank sent all new accounts, they did not auto-assign to users. I need to know how to bulk assign these cards.
  • I need to assign a card to a user within my system.
  • When seeing the Company Card within the system, why is the employee not able to be found when assigning the cards

Manually (for Standard and Professional edition)

Credit cards can be manually assigned by Administrators with the Expense Company Card Administrator role (for Professional) or the Can Administer permission (for Standard). Follow these steps to manually assign a credit card account:

  1. Go to Administration > Company > Tools > Company Card > Manage Accounts
  2. Type the employee’s name on the Card (or select one of the other options – note: some of these must be exact so the name is usually the best option)
  3. Expand the Show Only drop-down menu and select Unassigned Individual Accounts and select Search
  4. Click the appropriate card record from the rows that display
  5. With the row selected click Assign



  1. The Assign Account with Name on Card dialog box will display. Update the Transaction Release Period (days): Enter a positive whole number from 0 to 999:
    • This number, subtracted from the date of card assignment, specifies the beginning of the date range in which a transaction's posting date must fall for the transaction to be moved to the user's profile.
    • If for example a period of 30 days is chosen, it means that the transactions from the last 30 days will be moved to the new user's profile.
  2. Search for the employee's name and click to select. Only active users are eligible
  3. Click Assign


Employee Import (Professional edition only) :

  • To access the Import/Extract administrator you will need to have the Import/Extract Monitor permission
  • If you have 10 or more credit cards to assign, it is recommended to use the Employee Import Record Type 600 or 650. Both the 600 and 650 records will update the Expense profile; the 650 records will sync enhanced data to the Travel profile if the client has the sync turned on.
  • Cards will be assigned to users only if they are not already assigned.  They cannot be moved from one user to another using this option.
  • PCard program can also be assigned using this option if the program has not been previously assigned.
  • The Employee Import file is located in Deployment Toolkit > Travel and Expense > Analysis and Design > Specifications and Templates for Travel & Expense. Once the file is updated, the Administrator can import the file by navigating to Administration > Company > Tools > Import/Extract administrator