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Q3: 2023 Overview of Rates Changes for any of the Statutory Products

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Disclaimer“Managed Rate Administration is a licensed service offered by SAP Concur with a recurring fee. The rate updates posted are for informational purposes. If you are an MRA customer, please open a ticket with support (with MRA in the subject line) to request the specific rate update. If you would like more information about licensing the service, please contact your SAP Concur Account Executive. For information about the service, please click here."


If you find that any of these updates pertain to your business, please open a support case with the MRA Statutory Team at SAP Concur. The steps are listed here.


Travel Allowance


  •  Norway has advised of a change to the without-cooking lodging rate, effective September 1, 2023.
  • Slovakia has recently advised of a change to the Domestic Travel Allowance rates, effective October 01, 2023.


Car Mileage


  • The HMRC in UK has recently advised of a change to the Company Car Fuel reimbursement rates, effective September 01, 2023.
  • Belgium has advised of a change to the personal mileage rate, effective October 01, 2023.


  • Japan has announced the Qualified Invoice Base method to receive tax credit for consumption tax corresponding to multiple tax rates on purchases effective October 1, 2023.


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