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About the Author
Erin leads digital events for small- to medium-sized businesses at SAP Concur. She loves bringing events and experiences to life wherever her customers are on the web. She is based in Detroit and spends her time cooking and exploring with her husband and two rambunctious little boys.

How Prioritizing Cash Flow Helps Businesses Grow

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What you can learn from cost-conscious companies that are growing efficiently

A new survey by Oxford Economics and SAP Concur found that when financial leaders at small businesses prioritize cash management before and during an expansion, they tend to experience fewer challenges and better outcomes.


Join this live webinar to learn how “cost-conscious” businesses track and manage spending, and how these practices contribute to their expansion success. We'll discuss:

  • Ways in which small businesses are expanding, and the impact on workflows and budget
  • What a cost-conscious business looks like, and its advantages during growth periods
  • How you can create a more efficient cash flow process with automation software