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Use "Control F" to Find Reports

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Before creating a new report you can go to help and download the report catalog. Then when in in the catalog use "control f" to search for words related to the report you wish to build. This will help you to see if a similar report already exists, then you can just copy the report and format or edit to your expectation. Its under Launch/help report catalog

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Can you do a step by step for this with images? I cant seem to find how to get to the report catalog.

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First off - I'll state that this is not to find Expense Reports but to find Concur Reporting - using your Reporting tab dropdown at the top of your home screen.  Once you navigate there ( my example is with Intelligence, as that's what we have) you will see (in the below screenshot) there is a dropdown from Resources (top right) for the Standard Report Catalog. You would select this first. 


Once you open the catalog, you can utilize Control F and search (like I did below with the word Duplicate) to find pre-existing reports.