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I am our Community Strategy Retention & Demand Senior Manager here at SAP Concur, and have been with SAP Concur since 2017. Some of you may recognize me from the "original Community", the LinkedIn Client User Group, which I managed and moderated. I am thrilled that we now have this evolution of Community available and hope you are taking full advantage of our resources, groups, and forums. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about our Community, or just to say hello!

Missing Itemized Receipt Tracking

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We had a custom field “Missing Itemized Receipt” check box configured into our forms for certain expense types. The form is visible to the expense processor and approving manager only, not the user creating the expense report. We also requested that this custom field have the ability to be reported on.

 We trained the expense processors to check the Missing Itemized receipt checkbox as needed as part of their review process.

 As Administrator or our Concur system, I pull reporting quarterly on missing itemized receipts and all users who have multiple missing itemized receipts are sent a reminder of the IRS/Corporate guidelines regarding itemized receipts.