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Leverage Company Notes and Pop-up's

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Under company notes:
-We added our CTM after hours phone number
-a link to our customized concur online user guide to give employees easy access to booking tips.
We also include a link to the company policy.

We also added a pop-up box when a user goes to online booking to remind them to secure the appropriate travel approval before booking travel.

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@MitchellW on the below details


'We also added a pop-up box when'


Can you confirm how to add pop-up box in Expense module or is it through Travel Admin only?

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Pop-ups are in the Travel Admin section only.

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Super User

The new WalkMe tool could be customized for an additional fee to align with your company's policy. 

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We try to keep a plethora of relevant topics including travel and expense resources.  We love to refer to the Company Notes in our training sessions, as well.

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We currently have 15 links under Company Notes.


After our internal support message, the top two are GL lookup tables for expense and invoice, where users can check to see if a valid account number combination exists, if they get a validation warning. These provide options for alternatives that might be similar coding that currently exists. There are filters for all four account segments, with coding and descriptions, so easy to use. It's updated every few months.


We have our own training material for expense, invoice, mobile in detailed and condensed versions in English and French, plus notes for approvers and internal policies. We also track how often these files are accessed on Sharepoint, so we know what might be helpful for the future and how often a file should be updated. If a file is not used, we'll remove or rename so it's more obvious what it's for.

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Has anyone noticed a change to the Company Notes text editor? I found that I'm now not able to add hyperlinks without composing them somewhere else first, like in a Google Doc, and then pasting them in. This presents two issues. The first and biggest is that links do not open in a new tab and it's not possible to set them to do that. Second, the text formatting is inconsistent when you paste something new in. 

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I've not noticed any changes but I do all of my work in HTML.