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Acknowledgement Check Box

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We added an acknowledgment check box to ensure employees adhere to the company’s travel policy before finalizing travel.

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Can you please provide a sample of what this looks like? Thank you. 

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Is this using the "walk me" feature or how/where was the acknowledgement added exactly? Please share more details

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@MitchellW  Can you provide the example?

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interested in learning more about this tool. please share more specifics.

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Good morning and Happy HumpDay @MitchellW ! you've got us all quivering with expectation, LOL 😉

Tell us more about this acknowledgement check box and feel free to provide illustrations. 

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Please share! 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello all,


So happy this is intriguing! This was a part of a campaign for Fusion 2022 in which we posted customer-submitted Tips & Tricks that were given at Fusion Orlando. Although I posted, it was actually on behalf of a customer that was live at Fusion. I am attempting to search my Fusion archive to source that customer and see if they'd be willing to share more info.
In the meantime, I'm looping in our wonderful product SME and moderator @KevinD to search his own resources as well for more info on the Acknowledgement Check Box as well.


Thank you!


@pnenes @scoathy @scarranza11 @cmakai @emcborrough 

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Community Manager

Hello everyone...when it comes to travel bookings, the only type of checkbox I have ever seen, and I've been at SAP Concur for over 14 years, is the checkbox agreeing to the hotel's rate rules and cancellation policy. See my screenshot below. Unless I am missing something or the customer who brought up the topic to Mitchell had something configured in their site to acknowledge a travel booking, this is only the option I have ever seen.


I double-checked with our Travel Support and they confirmed that there is no other acknowledgement checkbox during a travel booking. The only way there would be, is if a custom field were created. However, this would be quite unnecessary since travel rules can be put into place to ensure compliance to company policies.


Lastly, I did find out that the Hotel acknowledgement checkbox can be turned off. The settings for this field are:

  • Require - Must be selected for user to continue with booking
  • Skip unless deposit required - the checkbox will only appear if a deposit is required
  • Always skip - the checkbox never appears