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rental car

I'm traveling home since my son will be in town. I'd already had book my flight with South West months ago. They employee in STL on our team wants me to do some training. I've checked with my manager about the company picking up my rental car while I'm in town and he agreed that is would be very helpful for me to train employee. I usually book my personal rental car through AVIS on home trips but since this trip will be a combined trip how should I do my rental car? SW lets you change your flight so I plan to come in a week earlier and get a full week of training and then the next week and half come in on occasion to work with the employee. Do I just use my company card to book with AVIS this time or do I need to go through Concur?

Routine Member - Level 2

The answer to this (as I understand you) really depends on your own company and their expense policies for combined personal/business travel. As a Concur customer and as it's at least partially business why wouldn't you book through Concur? Concur should already have your company's CD # and your individual personal AVIS membership # so it's easy peasy in Concur. Plus the data would be visible in Concur. Maybe I don't understand the real situation.