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nused non-refundable tickets on UATP cards

We implemented Universal Air Travel Plan (“UATP”) cards. The UATP cards consolidate unused airfare tickets (a pool of credits) from major airlines  such as Delta and American Airlines that can be used through the travel management company.  Employees book a flight in Concur Travel module and TMC change the form of payment from employee's corp. travel credit card to UATP outside of Concur Travel module, which does not interface with Concur Expense - this means the Airfare itinerary paid with UATP does not come over to Concur Expense as paid with UATP.


Would love to know: how is your company managing UATP cards, and how are the flights paid with UATP cards being submitted in expense reports, if applicable.  If not submitted in expense reports in Concur Expense, what's the process?  Do you have T&E integration active?


Thank you!

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Our UATP cards are with our contracted preferred airlines only, so we asked to have a weekly report from each vendor so we can track the usage. 


Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Thank you, Jessica. Do you have T&E integration activated? If so, how do you prevent itineraries paid with UATP coming over Concur Expense as Out-of-pocket?