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What's your favorite travel app?

What's your favorite travel App?

TripitPRO is definitely one of the best travel Apps I have been able to provide to my road warriors.

Not only is it great in providing early alerts for gate and flight time changes, we also found when it was automatically connected to our TMC it literally saved the day on two occasions for one of my travellers.

Firstly when a return flight from New Zealand fell of the TPRO itinerary we all blamed the App, however it was right on the money! Due to a booking glitch the return flight had actually missed it's ticketing deadline leaving the traveller with no flight home. Secondly, the App highlighted an innocent booking error of selecting a hotel for the right day, wrong month to assist with a flight connection. Thanks to the App we were able to immediately rectify the booking issues without the traveller even knowing - well at least until we told her!

Without TPRO, the end user experience could have been a very different one indeed!

Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
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Wow, I'm very excited to hear stories like this from our employees. We have recently implemented travel to our program, so it will be interesting to see what good/bad comes from the new app.

Overall, we have had positive responses for the National Car Rental app, especially this year as more airports have the option to select the car even before our travelers get to the Emerald Aisle. And we've had good responses about the Delta app since it has newly enable features in the past quarter.

What a great question @RichardG, looking forward to other responses!

Travel and Expense System Administrator