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Community Manager

What's the best part of your Travel policy?

Hopefully, the best part of your travel policy is how you're evolving it year over year! There's so much change in the industry that it cannot be a stagnant document. Consider topics like branded fares, mobile apps, preferred vendor lists, internal processes and much more. 

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We have always had a very flexible policy and we are able to offer our employees great travel options. Retaining and obtaining talent based on our travel and expense policy is not an issue.

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I worked for a company once that allowed everyone to fly first class 100% of the time.

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We have a single page policy to distribute, the full policy is in the handbook. We have a very traveler centric focused policy. We are looking into a luggage allowance. You can submit for luggage up to $100, every two years. All the unused luggage will be send to charity, i.e. Foster Homes, etc. 

Jason C. Sportsman, GTP