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What Is The Fee To Change Or Cancel A Flight?

I have a scheduled flight set for mid next month to fly from Canada to USA for a special event.


The special event date is tentative which maybe pushed out to October or cancelled outright, so my question is:


How much is the service charge to change the flight to another date or if I cancel the flight completely?



Community Manager
Community Manager

If you are booking using Concur Travel, then the charge depends on if you call your travel agency to do the cancelation or if you cancel the flight yourself in Concur. 


As far as I know, canceling the flihgt yourself in Concur does't incur a charge. At least in my experience I haven't been charged, but everyone's situation is different with all the different travel agencies. Changing your flight will incur the airline change fee that usually varies by airline. If you call your travel agency to change it, there will be a fee, but you'd have to contact them to know how much the fee is. You can always call the airline directly to change your flight and then just pay the airline change fee. 


Again, it's hard to say excatly since we don't know which travel agency your company uses and agencies vary in the fees they charge to contact them. 



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Kevin Dorsey
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This depends on the flight rate you have chosen. There are non-refundable rates, losing all the money. There are rates ready for rebooking, usually ending up in a higher price class as per airline conditions. On top, you will have travel agency service charges for booking, changing or cancelling according to your companies contract. Concur will not charge anything here. 


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