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User Concur Travel History Report

Why is it that the User Travel History Report is so unrealiable performance wise. It's basically 50/50 chance it will work and god forbid you attempt to search for more than one day. I have 2 requests:-

1) Improve the performance (I don't know if it's a memory issue or what)

2) Add the ability to filter by ORG UNIT (as you do in so many other reports)


I've been told in the past that the generic Reporting in Travel is what it is and like it or lump it.

But I'm left scratching my head why you can't at least make it more usable when you continue to leave it as a valid report.

It's a really good report.


I'm a big fan of Concur Travel but I often wonder why there can't be a little more focus on cleaning up some of the existing things that are basically "almost but not quite" there.


Just venting... yes, I know you'll tell me to add a SS (which I've done) but let's face it that's a waste of time. Cynical but true.


SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @sasrsc


Thanks for posting! You make some good points and I am glad you have already voiced this in a SS. That is definitely the best way for this to be brought to the right team's attention. Have you joined our User Admin Group yet? This is a space for User Admins only to connect. Often time they will share the SS and promote it for upvotes. This could be an additional route for you to get this suggestion more visibility. 



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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