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Routine Member - Level 1

Unable to add Corporate Discount Hotel Properties - Test Property Button

Has anyone else started to have issues when trying to add Preferred Hotel Properties within the Manager Corproate Discounts module especially when you enter a hotel property and click on the Test Property button, that you receive an error message?

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
Frequent Member - Level 1

Yes, we have had this issue but our TMC was able to help us fix - hopefully, you have a contact with your TMC to help update. If not, I would suggest a Concur Support Ticket.

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Routine Member - Level 2

We took have been experiencing some issues with this. We have to load in about 30 files each week (takes crazy amount of time to do). We have approximately 450 pref hotels on all the GDS systems. All of a sudden last week we started seeing more errors than normal. We had assumed Concur had a bad load from Northstar but apparantly not. We got the "usual" do this / do that / blah cust svc advice so we're trying to get a call with them to work it out. I don't recall if this got worse with all GDS or just Galileo? 

Routine Member - Level 2

So each hotel you add must have an ID number...  this specific number is driven by the GDS. 
For example 1234 may mean the XYZ hotel in SABRE.

When you do Test Property it checks the config which knows the GDS which then knows to check SABRE when you enter 1234.
Unfortunately there's no easy way to determine what it is if you've been told that 1234 is correct.
I have made a SS to allow us read only access to the Concur Hotel Database so we can see each hotels' property id for the various GDS'.
We run a global program with all the GDS and when a hotel "fails to load" then it's a real challenge determining what's going on.
Of course, if when you test the property the XYZ hotel does appear, then the rate visibility is 99% likely to be outside of Concur and between the hotel and the GDS. We find 90% of the issues are not Concur related. Setting up negotiated rates apparently is cumbersome and seems to have a few points of failure.