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Trip won't post to all of my traveler's Outlook calendars

I read a Concur post with the label Concur Training that says 'Effective September 2022, support for Microsoft Exchange Web Services will no longer take place.  Several admins within our corporate office, including myself serve as delegates to book travel.  At this point, we select Trip Library, Trip details, Select the specific trip, and beneath Trip Overview, we select the blue link 'Open in Outlook'.  This creates a link that will open an Outlook Appointment, but after it is Saved, it places it on OUR calendars.  We have several admins that can do the very same thing for ONE specific person and it actually will be placed on her (the traveler's) calendar.  Why is it that it will work for one, but not all the others?  Re-creating these appointment for our travelers is not only time consuming but redundant work.  So now I'm confused.  Has SAP stopped supporting MS Exchange or not?  Is this the only option we have to create travel details on the traveler's Outlook calendars?  I appreciate your help!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@BroomeB make sure that the users have enabled calendar integration on their profiles. See: How Do I Add My Travel Plans to My Outlook Calendar?


Also, there is an outlook setting for this as well. Reference this Microsoft Support page: Automatically add events from your email to your calendar.

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Both myself and my fellow admins have tried to enable the Calendar Integration on our profiles.  First, I need to ask an additional question.  Is the Calendar Integration feature enabled for a site by the Concur Administrator?  None of us has Calendar Sync Preferences in our profiles.  That entire box doesn't exist.  Any suggestions?