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Community Manager

Traveler name issues

We face some issues internally due to our HR interface related to traveler name. We have a daily HR interface for names and other master data, but unfortunately, some travelers have different names on their passports / IDs etc. Has anyone found a way to manage this type of issue?

This question comes from our LinkedIn group.

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What a great question! I wish I had an answer to this. I'd love to know what other companies do.

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We set the Travel profile name fields to allow updates from the employee.    We added the instructions below to those fields.

The HR feed does not write over those changes.

Important Note:

Your Name and Airport Security: Please make certain that the first, middle, and last names shown below are identical to those on the photo identification that you will present at the airport. Due to increased airport security, you may be turned away at the gate if the name on your identification does not match the name on your ticket.


Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense