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Travel data issue?


I'm new to Concur and Report studio. I'm trying to build a travel report and I have so many questions but couldnt find any information on internet.


1. Where do I find a reporting document? For example a document which explains tables within the Concur Data warehouse and description of each tables and columns?


2. I'm assuming that the report studio automatically joins the tables but when I run with certain columns from different columns it just never completes the run process and stays at your report is running! Could someone explain why that happens?


3. How do I decide when to create a manual query JOIN? For example when I look at a [TRAVEL]  there should be a column in the trip which tells me if its a AIR ticket booking or a HOTEL booking right? I cant find it anywhere in [Travel].[Trips]  infact there is something called as Vendor type in [Travel].[Reservations and Tickets].[Vendor Type] which gives values such as AIR and HOTEL but if I select that from reservatins and tickets and use columns  [Travel].[Trips].[Origin Destination City Pair] it works but if I add  [Travel].[Trips].[Station one name] it runs but the VENDOR type is aways empty even though the Vendor filter is set to AIR and HOTEL


Kindly advise why this happens and also sometimes if I pull multiple columns from different tables the report never complets the run process. 


Thanks in advance

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

This link is going to be a good starting point for you:

Under the data model heading you will find a data dictionary for Data Model - Travel Folder. 


There are some prebuilt joins within the travel data, but some needs to be connected manually.  We don't have a published data model relationship for Travel.  I have a very old one that I, or one of my coworkers created for our own reference.  I can forward to you.  I am checking to see if we can get one created and published for future use.  


If you are having trouble getting the report to execute it could be pop up blockers on your browser preventing the report output.  Make sure to add reporting to your trusted sites.  

Tiffany Redman, Senior Product Manager, Data and Analytics
SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Great news!  An updated Travel Data Model Relationship guide has been posted here:  All relationship guides are located in the top RIGHT corner of the page.  


Tiffany Redman, Senior Product Manager, Data and Analytics
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